Learn More About THE ZOO

Fun to play and pack away!

The flexible bars make it easy for kids to pull out and put away their favourite cuddly toys. Alternatively kids can throw them into the opening at the top and watch them pile up.

Store Anything You Want!

Each ZOO can hold about 90 soft toys of various sizes. You can increase the tension of the bars depending on how heavy the items are.


THE ZOO is made from finely sanded, tan-coloured birch. The wood is very strong and looks great straight out of the box. Feel free to paint, stain, or decorate THE ZOO yourself. Please note the colour and grain of your ZOO will be unique, and may vary slightly from pictures shown here.

Space Saver

THE ZOO takes up very little floor space so it can fit perfectly into any room. The dimensions are: H: 153cm, W: 57cm, D: 30cm.

Easy To Assemble

An awesome assembly guide shows you how to put it together in 5 steps. You will also need an electric drill for attaching THE ZOO to the wall.

Aussie Made

We are a family-owned business in Melbourne, and we are proud to support local businesses and to work sustainably.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy with confidence! You can return your purchase within 45 days for a full refund. Read More.

Free Delivery - within Australia

It doesn't matter where you live in Australia, we aim to make and deliver your ZOO within 10 business days. We will contact you to let you know the estimated delivery time.

We ship to the Asia-Pacific region, including New Zealand. Please email us separately for the cost of shipping overseas: sales@softtoystorage.com.au.

USA customers please order here

UK and EU customers please order here

Other Questions We Get Asked

Q. Do you make a half-sized ZOO?

We don't make smaller ZOOs because we have found that it is very tempting for the kids to climb up them and possibly fall off.

Q. Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

Yes! Please read our return policy.

Q. What are the bars made of?

The bars are made of food-grade plastic tubing and have bungee cord stretched inside them. The bungee cord makes the bars spring gently back into place, and the tubing is there for safety and cosmetic purposes.

Q. Does THE ZOO need to be attached to a wall?

Yes, for safety and function. THE ZOO stands tall, so it will tip over if it isn't properly fastened. We include spacers and screws for attaching it to a wall.

Q. Can I order custom words instead of "THE ZOO"?

No, however we can give you a blank name plate.

Q. Do you offer discounts if I buy more than one?

We do not offer quantity discounts because each ZOO is shipped separately by courier.